the future of food is ____________. 

// speculative dinner party, january 2017 // co-created with Danika Jorgensen-Skakum and presented by the Research-Creation and Social Justice CoLaboratory at the University of Alberta //

In January of 2017, a group of 20 diners gathered to explore ‘the future of food’ through consumption, olfaction, discussion, and the pleasure of a shared meal. In this pop-up speculative dinner party, we presented a ten course tasting menu inspired by the sumptuous meal served on the RMS Titanic before it went down (in both history and to the bottom of the ocean). Each of the courses served in this experimental tasting menu gestured to potential food futures and the complex negotiations constituting our daily lives in the so-called Anthropocene. 

Special thank you to everyone who made this dinner possible, including: Natalie Loveless, Diane Conrad, Kelsey Beier, Dion Bews, Erin Hoselton, Cat van Kessel, Catlin W. Kuzyk, Terry Kuzyk, Lindsey Joregensen-Skakum, Chloe Taylor, Daniel Walker and all of our dinner guests. 

Check out the full menu here.

Photos courtesy of Catlin W. Kuzyk