pedagogy + workshops

I consider myself first and foremost a teacher. I have a wide range of experience developing curriculum, leading educational programmes, and teaching in a variety of contexts, including: Art Gallery of Alberta (as Art Educator and Education Program Manager), Alberta Health Services (Youth Addiction Program), Edmonton Catholic School District (Fresh Start Outreach School), Edmonton Public School Board (various secondary schools), Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Facility (Philosophy Club), U School (University of Alberta), ASSIST Community Services (Volunteer Training), and Concordia University (Montreal, Interdisciplinary Summer Institute). 

I currently teach undergraduate courses at the University of Alberta in the Department of Secondary Education and continue to plan and teach within various community and public pedagogical spaces.

university courses

2016; 2017; 2018     ||     EDSE307: Language, Literacy and Society

2014; 2015; 2017 ||     EDSE305: Curriculum & Teaching in Secondary Schools 

2012; 2013; 2014; 2015     ||     EDCT400: Communications Technology 

2013; 2014; 2015     ||     EDSE368: Second Language Methodology for SL Majors, IFX Term

2013; 2014     ||     EDSE468/451: Second Language Methodology

2013; 2014     ||     EDSE370: Second Language Methodology for SL Minors 

public pedagogy + workshops

Prison Philosophy Club
May 2017-Present; In conjunction with Dr. Chloe Taylor and the KIAS 'Prisons, Teaching, and Social Justice'  Research Cluster @ The University of Alberta
Led by Dr. Chloe Taylor and with the support of faculty and students Catherine Kellogg, Paige Gorsak, Gabrielle Warner, Danika Jorgensen-Skakum, Randi Nixon, Esther Rosario, Stefan Dehod, Anthony Goertz, Emma Kaufman, and Esra Kazanbas, this Philosophy Club at the Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Centre features weekly discussions and activities in relation to various philosophical texts. 

The Research-Creation + Social Justice CoLABoratory (CoLAB) 
Fall 2016- Present; Research-Creation Hub at the University of Alberta; Co-Director with Dr. Natalie Loveless
The Research-Creation and Social Justice CoLABoratory(CoLAB) brings together studios, labs, and individual researchers from across the University of Alberta’s many faculties to support robust, interdisciplinary and collaborative research-creation practices. We host events, share resources, and meet monthly to discuss texts or engage in hands-on workshops. The cluster’s 2016-2019 research theme is “art(s) and the anthropocene.”

Learning to Hate: Pluralism in an Era of Echo Chambers
June 2018; Concordia University’s Interdisciplinary Summer Institute (CUISI); Led by Dr. Vivek Venkatesh and Dr. Brad Nelson
I was an Institute leader for this intensive week-long (3-credit) seminar for professionals and advanced graduate students, which focussed on developing sustainable means for countering, preventing and combating online hate speech.

"Learning to Hate": An Anti-Hate Comic Project
2015-2016; Presented by Project SomeOne (SOcial Media EducatiON Every day); Co-created with Dr. Jason Wallin
These online graphic resources investigate the ways in which hate speech is experienced and negotiated in the contemporary lives of youth. Designed for preservice and practicing teachers, these mini-comics support lesson plans and catalyze classroom conversation on hate and hate speech. View the entire project, including interviews, panel discussion, poetry reading, and visual resources online here.  (Principal Investigator: Jason Wallin; Art Direction/Design: Jessie Beier.)

Anthropocene, Ecology, Pedagogy: The Future in Question
Fall-Winter Lecture Series 2015-2016; Speaker Series curated by jan jagodzinksi; Design + Organization Support from Jessie Beier
This lecture series addressed the question of  “what might be done” -- educationally, artistically, philosophically, sociologically, and economically -- given the precarity of life today in all sectors of living. Presenters were drawn from Canada, the United States, and Europe from various faculties and departments to help explore this concern from interdisciplinary perspectives. 

CINEMACHINE @ The Drawing Room
2014-2015; Film discussion group; Organized and facilitated by Jessie Beier
CINEMACHINE was a monthly discussion group that brought together people, film, and contemporary theory. Each month a different film was explored in relation to Drawing Room (RIP) exhibitions and contemporary issues, such as representation, identity, technology, politics. Special thanks to the wonderful Chelsea Boos. 

CINEMA-X-CHANGE @ The University of Alberta
2014-2015; Film discussion group; Organized and facilitated by Jessie Beier; Presented in partnership with the Arts Based Research Studio (University of Alberta), Alberta Association for Multicultural Education, Alberta Association for Media Awareness and the Canadian Multicultural Education Foundation.
This film series and discussion group aimed to engage preservice teachers, educational practitioners, and becoming-pedagogues in cross-cultural inquiries through the medium of film. Each session featured a new film, which acted as the inspiration for dialogue pertaining to multiple areas of inquiry including: the representation of non-European ethnicities in film; cultural and cross-cultural tensions in filmic narrative; the affirmation of cultural difference and; the significance of such affirmation for pedagogy and beyond.

public speaking + presentations

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