the beginning of the middle of the end

// audio-video installation, 2016 //

This project was presented at Stride Gallery as part of the visual arts programming at Sled Island 2016 (Calgary, Alberta) and is part of the larger ECOLOGIX research-creation platform

The Beginning of the Middle of the End, is a multi-channel video projection that combines and amplifies the affective experience of living amidst the exhausting movements, precarious flows, and suffocating postures of contemporary society today. The video assemblage combines short clips, meticulously scavenged from a variety of films and television programs, that work to reflect and reproduce the anxiety inherent within a contemporary society driven by unrelenting competition, stifling subjective positions, and a broken relationship to the Earth.

Special thanks to Catlin W. Kuzyk (sound engineering) and Dara Humniski (building and installation help). 

Installation view at Stride Gallery, 2016