'patapreface: how sound works

Drawing + Interactive Sound Installation, 10' x 4', Digital Print + Sound Composition, 2014

Exhibited as part of the group exhibition SONAR: Sound Art Explorations by Edmonton Artists; Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, November-December 2014


Sound is a tricky little sign. Constantly fleeing, leaking, and disappearing into difference, sound organizes itself momentarily, only to disorganize its own forms and content, freeing up an intense material of expression. ‘Patapreface provides a fabulated 'beginners guide' to understanding this elusive nature of sound, including its mechanical waves, fundamental frequencies, and double-helices of obfuscatory reflections. 

Read Beier & Wallin's (2017) Sound without organs: Inhuman refrains & the speculative potential of a cosmos-without-us. In B. Herzogenrath (Ed.), Sound Thinking. New York: Bloomsbury. 

 'Patapreface: How Sound Works, 2014

'Patapreface: How Sound Works, 2014