in the event that art occurs

// sound compositions, audio tour & digital video, July-August 2014 // exhibited as part of A Record of Events, Harcourt House, Edmonton, Alberta //

In the Event that Art Occurs unfolded in two parts as part of the exhibition A Record of Events, curated by Jesse Sherburne. The first part of the project included a series of four fabulated audio tours that visitors could use to navigate the ‘art opening’: Movement 1 was conducted by 'The National Centre for Atmospheric Art Research'; Movement 2 offered a sonic interpretation of the art opening; Movement 3 focused on the art opening as MONUMENT; and Movement 4 featured a rhetorical tour founded in the absurdity of 'art speak'. The second part of the project featured a video installation of collected images of visitors interacting with the audio tours, along with the audio from the tours themselves. 

Special thank you to Catlin W. Kuzyk (voice and production) and Colin Waugh (video documentation)