eco-dirt buffet

Pop-up Exhibition of Research-Creation Experiments, April 2018

Presented as part of Dirt Buffet Cabaret #32 @ Mile Zero Dance
Co-Organized by Natalie Loveless + Jessie Beier

The Eco-Dirt Buffet was a pop-up exhibition co-curated by Natalie Loveless and Jessie Beier that featured a cross-section of folks — artists, historians, theorists, performers, and multi-species makers — who experiment with multi-species responses to anthropogenic, or human-induced, climate change and its coming provocations. The pop-up exhibition of research-creation projects was structured as a 'buffet' of durational performances that the audience was invited to explore using the menu below.

Featuring work from Breanna Barrington , Daniel Evans, Brittany Gergel, Jessa Gillespie, Luke Johnson, Banafsheh Mohammadi, Scott Smallwood, and Daniel Walker.

Photos courtesy of Michael Woolley